7 Best Support Skins in League of Legends

We all spend a little money to get ourselves a skin every once in a while. Sometimes, we just cannot say no, even if our wallet cries in utter despair as we purchase RP.

Here are the seven best support skins that League of Legends offers. 

7. Forecast Janna

Despite the popularity of the Star Guardian Janna skin, this is the original iconic skin that every Janna main used. You weren't a Janna main if you didn't own and use this skin. 

While Star Guardian definitely wins in terms of skill interactions, since this has no changes to her skills, it's the outfit and her skin-specific quotes that make this the best Janna skin hands down.

6. Pool Party Leona

While Leona falls in and out of the meta, more often than not, if you see a Leona she's probably rocking this skin.

The animations and quotes are the same as skinless Leona; her only skill change is her E as she's using an umbrella rather than her sword. Honestly, if you're not particular about the skill animations being fancy, it's basically one of the best Leona skins. 

5. Moo Cow Alistar

While this skin lacks the fancy animations as well, Moo Cow Alistar is a dream come true for meme lords everywhere. Nothing can quite top the cowbell spam from the cow himself in lane. 

For full meme potential, have your jungler play Nunu Bot and pollute the airwaves for an entire game.

4. Dragon Sorceress Zyra

Zyra needed a new skin and they finally gave her one. Honestly, this is the best Zyra skin out to date. While beautiful splash art is always amazing, we all know we pay for the in-game animations. 

Your Q and E give different kinds of dragons and the fact that she spawns eggs instead of plants is rather ingenious. 

3. Conqueror Karma

While this skin is brand new, there's no reason to not put it on the list. Karma is a highly favored support and while her other skins are nice, they lack some cool in-game animations.

Her entire skill set takes a red hue with a little more flourish than skinless Karma. Karma's backing animation is dedicated to MSI 2017, so when she backs, she summons a trophy. 

2. Dark Star Thresh

Although the Dark Star skin series will be seeing more champions soon, sometimes you can't quite top an original.

He's literally holding a swirling vortex that is constantly in motion. How much cooler can you get? The in-game animations that make this skin worth the money. 

1. DJ Sona

What is there not to love about DJ Sona?

DJ Sona is three skins mixed into one. You can change them as often as you want in a single game unlike Elementalist Lux. She has music made specifically for her skin that everyone can listen to. Finally, if you use the icons, your backdrop becomes DJ Sona on your profile. 

Seriously, what is there to not love about this skin?

Photos courtesy to Riot Games