​The most popular unlockable for Overwatch has been the sitting emote. The popularity of this emote is due largely in part by the many clips of Symmetra players sitting calmly as enemies run into turret death rooms, or Junkrat mains playing a little game of hide and seek using the emote. 

The stealth game is about to change. 

Players now will be getting a Sombra sitting emote. What the emote looks like is unknown at this time, but it has been confirmed to be appearing in the next major Overwatch patch. 


We can imagine that Sombra will be getting a new variation on the emote. Symmetra was given a stool, Genji sat in a traditional crossed legged seated position, and Winston's situated as you would expect a giant gorilla to sit. 

Snake in a box

Either way, Sombra's emote may mix it up a bit with a forward laying position, or possibly some cool homage to a stealthy inspiration, Solid Snake (box included).

Photos courtesy of Lazy Town, Blizzard Forums and GamesRadar