5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.12

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The five best agents in Valorant Patch 3.12 have remained the same since the latest update, but players might see a change with Chamber becoming popular. But nonetheless, there are still the five agents that the Valorant community looks fondly of throughout all the ranked levels

Valorant Patch 3.12 hasn’t introduced any major changes to characters, even as players express their desires for Yoru and Omen to be reworked. The only recent adjustment to the lineup is Chamber. Even though he is climbing the ranks in popularity, it is not nearly enough to topple the most popular agents to play in Valorant.

5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.12


Sage's wall ability is great when it comes to stopping the opposing team in their tracks, blocking off parts of the map. She can change the flow of how teams advance to the targeted zone, especially when trying to plant the spike. And with her revival ultimate, she can change the dynamic of the game by simply giving an extra shot at life which can make or break a kill and can ultimately lead to a win. Sage herself can slow down opponents as well giving teammates time to rotate.


One of the few agents who can take the battle into the air, this swift agent can be quite difficult to land a shot on. With most of her abilities involving either speed, possible evasion with her smoke, or avoiding lethal shots, her skills can also be used in combination. But with her dagger ultimate, she can take multiple enemies off the map in quick fashion.


Sometimes known as the agent for players who don’t like all the frivolous abilities, Reyna is arguably the ultimate duelist. But what always may catch players off guard is her Leer ability. And if that doesn’t scare players enough, Reyna’s ultimate is an enhancement of her firing, reload, and equip speed.


Sova is the surveyor, he analyzes the terrain and makes sure that nothing will interfere with his team’s success. Alongside his drones and recon bolts, he has an electric attack that can deal vicious damage in a radial area, as the player can control how many arrows Sova may release. His ultimate has a similar effect to his electric attack and can be used to clear out enemies and eliminate them from safety far away.


Raze carries explosive abilities and is an explosive kind of agent. Starting off with Blast Pack, acting as a sticky bomb, it sticks to any surface and can blow up to cause harm to other players. She can also use it to gain an extra boost in the air. Her grenade is one of the best items in the game at clearing areas and eliminating opponents. Same goes for Boom Bot. Finally, her rocket launcher ultimate is something to be feared whenever you hear the audio cue.