5 Best Agents to Pair With Chamber in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Chamber has been announced, and before he even releases, players are devising the best strategies to use him, as well as plan against him. A big part of this is figuring out who to use him with in a team composition.

Understanding team compatibility is extremely important, as there are some Agents who just don't mix. To make sure players are winning as many games with Chamber as they can, here are the five best Agents to pair him up with in Valorant.

5 Best Agents to Pair With Chamber in Valorant

1. Astra

Astra and Chamber could be a deadly combo. The Gravity Well ability, combined with the sniper and heavy pistol are a great mix to really hit enemies hard. The vast range of Astra combined with the long range capabilities of Chamber, as well as his traps create a deadly duo on any map.

2. Viper

Viper and Chamber could be very dangerous due to the slowing effect Chamber can create. This slow done by both his traps and sniper could open the door for choke points held down by these two characters in which Chambers creates a slowing effect and Viper rains down acid with her smoke and molly. This could completely cut off choke points, or even create unwinnable post plant situations when playing around the bomb.

3. Jett

What's better than a sniper? Two snipers! Jett and Chamber could create a very dominant defensive duo using the big guns. They would also be eco round demons, with three weapon related abilities between them. Jett's knives, along with both of the guns Chamber can use create two players who can use weapons capable of real damage on buy rounds.

4. Killjoy

This combo would be all about the post plant. Between the two of them with Chambers slows and Killjoy's mollies and her ultimate, the offensive post plant situations could be extremely annoying to go up against. Creating a great stalling duo would be a great way to win rounds with these two.

5. Sova

Like many of the Agent's on this list, post plants once again would be a problem when facing these two. Combining the Shock Darts, Hunter's Fury, and Chamber's slow would create instant death situations in certain cases for the enemy team. However, the information that can be gathered by Sova would also be very useful for Chamber as a sniper. Knowing where enemies are coming from and when to pop the sniper will be very useful to Chamber, and will create some great highlight clips.