5 Best Agents to Pair with Deadlock in Valorant

Check out the best five Agents to pair with Deadlock in Valorant Episode 7.
Check out the best five Agents to pair with Deadlock in Valorant Episode 7. / Riot Games

Valorant Agent 23, Deadlock, will be a lethal addition to the competitive meta when paired with the right five Agents.

Deadlock is a Sentinel from Norway with abilities designed to slow down and trap enemy players. Her ultimate can even cocoon a player and send them to their death if a teammate does not destroy the nanowires in time. As players explore the new Agent in Episode 7 Act I, they can team with a few familiar faces who will work great with Deadlock's unique ability kit.

Here's a breakdown of the best Agents to pair with Deadlock.

5 Best Agents to Pair with Deadlock in Valorant

1. Raze

Raze is the perfect Agent to pair with Deadlock. As Deadlock uses her abilities to slow down and trap enemies, Raze can then use hers to deal damage and get some easy kills. Raze's Paint Shells can easily wipe a player stuck in Deadlock's Barrier Mesh. Plus, her Boom Bot will also gather intel that can influence where Deadlock deploys her nanowires.

2. Sova

Sova can do a lot of harm without even using a weapon when working with Deadlock's abilities. His Recon Bolt can reveal the location of nearby enemies, and then Deadlock can assess where to deploy her traps. Sova can also send a Shock Bolt to detonate upon players stuck in Deadlock's Barrier Mesh.

3. Killjoy

It is no secret that Killjoy pairs nicely with almost any Agent in Valorant. Her abilities are too strong to ignore, and now, combined with Deadlock, the Agents can fully lock down sites on both offense and defense. Deadlock's Sonic Senor and Killjoy's Alarmbot can be used in place of one another to always have at least one ability that can alert the presence of enemies across the map.

Plus, their ultimates are virtually unstoppable if used in the same round. An enemy will not be able to free their teammate from Deadlock's Annihilation if they are detained by Killyjoy's Lockdown.

4. Jett

Playing Deadlock with Jett will give any team a deadly pairing. Once players are concussed or detained by Deadlock, Jett can quickly attack for some entry kills. Players struggling to get out of Deadlock's traps can be dead before they can even fire their weapon thanks to Jett's speed and ultimate.

5. Brimstone

Although Brimstone's pairing with Deadlock might not be as lethal as the four other Agents, the two can still work together to hold down sites. Brimstone's smokes can further protect a site on offense and force players to run into Deadlock's Sonic Sensor. Like Raze's Paint Shells, Brimstone's Incendiary can also be used to deal damage to trapped players.