5 Best Agents to Pair with Skye in Valorant

5 agents we think will pair well with Skye
5 agents we think will pair well with Skye / Photo by Riot Games

The gameplay trailer for Skye, Valorant's newest agents, has given us a decent idea of how her abilities are going to work in-game. Here are five Agents we think will pair well with her kit.

5 Best Agents to Pair with Skye in Valorant


Since Skye's healing is AOE based it's likely that Agents who like to hunker down and defend a specific area of territory will benefit the most from this ability. The best example of course being Killjoy whose turrets allow her to hold down a zone better than almost anyone else.


Since Skye's skill set seems to focus on helping set up kills by flushing out and debuffing the enemy team. She could theoretically help Reyna overcome the high kill threshold she needs to really pop off.


With Brimstone's Stim beacon also having an AOE effect, some heal and buff combo zones might be the next big defense strategy.


Skye's ult, which allows her to fire off a group of seeking projectiles that reveal the locations of enemies without the need for a dead body, will be a powerful information-gathering tool for her teammates. Agents like Breach, that have the ability to halt and heavily damage enemies will benefit greatly from the exact knowledge of the enemy team's location.


Much like Breach, Raze can pull off massive damage when pointed at an enemy. Skye's ult will help Raze players find and eliminate enemies with brutal efficiency. Raze needs information, and Skye will help provide her with the necessary tools.