5 Best Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Grappling Vine Badge is useful and fun!
The Grappling Vine Badge is useful and fun! / Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings many exciting changes to the classic 2D platformer, including new power-ups and enemies. Badges are a new mechanism that allows players to equip themselves with perks and boosts. The game has 24 Badges, and gamers want to know which ones are best.

5 Best Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

People have varying opinions on which badges are best. Choices depend on a person’s goal. For example, if someone needs coins, they may choose the Coin Reward Badge that grants coins upon defeating enemies. 

The entries in this article are based on how each Badge makes Super Mario Bros. Wonder easier. That is their primary purpose, after all.

Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

Parachute Cap Badge

One of the best Badges is the Parachute Cap Badge, without a doubt. It allows players to use a cap as a parachute and briefly float in the air. This makes reaching far platforms effortless and leaves more room for error when players mess up jumps. It’s also available at the beginning of the game, making it the perfect default Badge for beginners, too!

Grappling Vine Badge

The Grappling Vine Badge is another one that’s a lifesaver. While in midair, players can launch a vine that will cling to a wall. The character will be pulled to the surface and can wall jump from there. 

Not only that, but the Grappling Vine Badge is just so fun to use. It makes you feel like Spider-Man!

Dolphin Kick Badge

Dolphin Kick is an obvious must-have for any underwater level. It lets players propel themselves forward, making them move faster. It’s easier to dodge enemies with Dolphin Kick, and players can break blocks underwater with this Badge. 

Floating High Jump Badge

The Floating High Jump lets players jump higher than normal and float back to the ground. It’s ideal for reaching high platforms and hopping on or avoiding many enemies.

There are other high-jumping perks, like the Timed High Jump Badge and Crouching High Jump, but these require players to do something extra before reaching the highest jumping point. Those delays may not be ideal for those who want to jump high immediately.   

Safety Bounce Badge

Players can bounce out of pits with the Safety Bounce Badge. It only occurs once per fall, but it has saved me from taking damage many times. This Badge is best for courses with pits, lava, or poison swamps, especially the ones in Deep Magma Bog.