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5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

The new changes to support meta in League of Legends, added new bot laners to join the top five bot lane duos. Picking a strong ADC and support that work together to get a win in your lane is important! Here are the top five bot lane duos in Patch 12.14.

5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.14

1. Draven & Twitch

Draven has a 51% win rate during Patch 12.14, and he is one of the best bot laners right now. He has the damage, speed, and can kite with ease. His ultimate also has a long reach that can pick off support champions. Twitch also has a 51% win rate and Riot Games has had trouble removing him from meta. He is one of the only champions who can defeat Sivir, he can get kills and snowball.

2. Seraphine & Samira

Samira can be an aggressive champion, especially with the lack of healing champions in meta right now. Samira can be up in the enemy's face and deal as much damage as possible. Seraphine is also a strong bot lane pick with her W and does not need to care about healing her allies.

3. Seraphine & Draven

Combining Draven's has a 51% win rate and Seraphine can be a guaranteed win. Seraphine almost has a 55% win rate. Although her healing with nerfed, she is still a solid APC in the bot lane with her great abilities.

4. Draven & Vayne

Draven and Vayne both have a win rate of 51%. Having both champions together can create a winning team for your lane as you have the speed and damage of Draven and the Night Hunter ability that Vayne has.

5. Veigar & Jhin

Veigar and Jhin with a 51% win rate are the last top duo that you can play in the bot lane. With Veigar's ultimate that unleashes dark energy to Jhin's Curtain Call that allows you to see where the enemies are, there is no way of losing your lane.