5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.4

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Gamers are looking to find out the five best bot duos in League of Legends Patch 12.4.

The bot duo lane consists of the support and AD carry. The ADCs are typically late-game carriers that do lots of damage to the enemy team. In order to do this, they need items. By having a support by their side, the ADC has a better chance of killing their opponents and acquiring gold for their items.

With Patch 12.4, here is a current list of the five best bot lane duos in League of Legends.

5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.4

1. Jinx & Renata Glasc

Jinx is a strong choice among the ADC pool as she does tremendous damage to her opponents. Patch 12.4 introduced the Chem-Baroness, Renata Glasc, as a support champion. With her Bailout (W) and Hostile Takeover (R) abilities, it would be no surprise that the enemy team might be in for a load of trouble.

2. Zeri & Rakan

Zeri has been a popular pick in Summoner's Rift even after her overall power was nerfed. This makes her bruiser build hit harder than her crit builds. Meanwhile, Rakan is the perfect support as he is able to shield her and grant her movement speed. By pairing her up with Rakan, they're an unstoppable pair.

3. Ashe & Pyke

Ashe is a safe choice for gamers searching for the right ADC to play. With Patch 12.4, her Ultimate arrow speed has increased. Pyke as support has also risen to the top with no nerfs in sight. It's likely that this aggressive duo will be sweeping the bot lane by taking advantage of Pyke's early game damage.

4. Draven & Blitzcrank

Draven and Blitzcrank are a force of a bot lane duo. Even with his base health regeneration reduced, Blitzcrank is still a top tier support champion that would best be paired with an aggressive ADC such as Draven to secure those early kills.

5. Kalista & Amumu

Kalista and Amumu are lining up to be a powerful team. In Patch 12.4, gamers saw the increase to Kalista's base armor as well as Amumu's E base damage reduction. The recent buffs have made Amumu a more viable support pick and it appears that this duo might annihilate anyone who stands in their way of victory.