The best bot lane duos in League of Legends Patch 9.10 are ones who can transition successfully to late-game damage dealers and provide support and utility for teammates. In that particular category, these are the five pairings best suited for that task in Patch 9.10

5. Sivir-Morgana

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Sivir and Morgana can hold down a lane for enormous periods of time with their fantastic wave-clear. Morgana's Black Shield (E) also gives extra safety to Sivir while her Spell Shield (E) is on cooldown. Both also scale well into the late-game and are powerful on the offense and defense alike.

4. Lucian-Braum

Image courtesy of Riot Games

The strongest laning duo returns. With powerful crowd-control and defensive ability from Braum as well as high damage and mobility from Lucian, this duo can take control of their lane and snowball it into advantages throughout the game with consistent power.

3. Varus-Pyke

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Varus is one of the strongest laners and Pyke can take advantage of that to either punish to get kills or to roam up to the mid laner or jungler. Both also have kill power at multiple ranges as well as deadly crowd-control and execute power when they hit level 6.

2. Ezreal-Nautilus

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Ezreal has been a consistent source of power throughout the year with his extremely safe laning phase and strong scaling. His newest partner, Nautilus, adds engage and wave-clear, two areas in which Ezreal lacks, and can take advantage of Ezreal's safety to roam and help other teammates.

1. Kai'Sa-Galio

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Galio is a strong Support who can control the early lane with his Winds of War (Q) to poke and control waves as well as his strong crowd control. Kai'Sa needs levels and items to come online but is one of the most powerful hyper-carries come late-game. Most prominently, their ultimates can combine extremely well both offensively and defensively.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games