League of Legends Patch 9.16 will be interesting for the bot lane. Many top-tier AD carries were tuned down, and It seems lower-tier characters are rising up and taking places in the meta. Here are the five best bot lane duos in League of Legends Patch 9.16.

5. Sivir & Morgana

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Sivir took some substantial nerfs this patch, but she is still a powerful champions and can do great things in the right hands. She goes great with Morgana, who is also individually strong, and does not fall off the list just yet.

4. Ezreal & Lux

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Ezreal was another top-tier contender for a while that took hard hits this patch. Still, Lux had a slight buff to her shield and this might mean that the poking duo of Ezreal and Lux might still be one of the better choices for SoloQ.

3. Xayah & Rakan

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

This classic pairing took no nerfs to their kits and now looks to be in a better spot due to that fact. Their innate synergy is easy to utilize and Xayah is no stranger to carrying a game through teamfights.

2. Jinx & Thresh

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Jinx and Thresh also took no hits this patch and are looking like a great duo now. Jinx is still thriving off of staying alive until she gets three items and Thresh is a great choice to make sure that happens.

1. Draven & Pyke

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

For SoloQ especially, a lane with a lot of pressure is great for controlling how the laning phase goes as well as punishing mistakes made by the opposing team. There is no other duo that puts that kind of pressure on a team better than Draven and Pyke.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games