5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 9.23

League of Legends Patch 9.23 has begun and so has the preseason.
League of Legends Patch 9.23 has begun and so has the preseason. /

League of Legends Patch 9.23 has begun and so has the preseason. The bottom lane is once again important this preseason. With dragons being a hot button objective, high pressure bottom lanes with pick potential are on the rise again. Here are a few of the best bottom lane duos in Patch 9.23.

League of Legends: 5 Best Bot Lane Duos in Patch 9.23

5. Senna/Caitlyn

Much like Morgana and Caitlyn, this lane will rely on Senna to be able to snag a root on the enemy bottom lane. If not, this lane has insane range and can be extremely hard to deal with if you don't have some serious engage.

4. Leona/Kai'Sa

On the opposite of the spectrum, this lane has nothing but engage and all in potential. With two abilities to stack Kai'Sa's plasma passive pre-six, this lane will be tough if you stay in their engage range for too long.

3. Nautilus/ Draven

This lane just screams "Kill potential." Nautilus and Draven walk into the lane with only one goal, and that is to kill you and walk away with large amounts of money in doing so. If you get hooked, it's almost a guaranteed death sentence.

2. Xayah/Rakan

The original lover's duo still are the most consistent and explosive bot lane synergies out there. With Xayah as a top tier ADC even without Rakan, just having Xayah makes it a fantastic lane alone. Though, this lane is harder to pull off than others without communication since they don't have a cheap gimmick to work off of like the others. Still, very solid if both laners have a grasp on their champions.

1. Ashe/Leona

This is one lane you can't run away from. Ashe and Leona will run you down constantly, making existing in their lane a nightmare. Once they hit level 6, they have access to two long range engage abilities and will CC chain you to death without giving you a chance to flash. These champions just take what the other is good at and amplifies it to insane degrees.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games