League of Legends Patch 9.12 will bring subtle changes to both AD carries and supports. These changes will shift around who is on top in the bottom lane. Here are the five best duos in League of Legends Patch 9.12.

5. Xayah and Rakan

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As they were designed to do, Xayah and Rakan complement each other well. On top of that, Individually, both characters are strong choices to play, which makes for a powerful duo.

4. Caitlyn and Morgana

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Caitlyn thrives off of early pressure in lane paired with the ability to do a great deal of damage if her target is immobilized. Morgana provides that immobilization in the best way possible while adding more poke and protection for Caitlyn.

3. Draven and Thresh

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An early kill on Draven can easily spiral a game out of control with a support that can help push advantages and play damage control on mistakes. Thresh is the kind of support that can help Draven become that immense threat in the mid-game.

2. Sivir and Nami

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Nami provides a great amount of presence in lane due to her sustain and poke as well as engage/disengage on with both her Aqua Prison (Q) and her Tidal Wave (R). Sivir goes well with Nami's kit due to her nature of poking and pushing waves. Sivir can farm and do her thing while Nami punishes mistakes.

1. Jinx and Nautilus

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Jinx with multiple items can be a hard to reach target that deals a extreme amount of damage. Not only does Nautilus allow her to get there by providing kill pressure in lane, but he can provide a lot of peel for her when she is at that point in the game.

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