5 Best Camille Counters

Camille is a popular top lane champion in League of Legends
Camille is a popular top lane champion in League of Legends / Photo by Riot Games

When Camille was first released, she was referred to as the most overloaded champion Riot Games had released at the time. Now, she seems rather tame compared to the rest of the roster released after her. She now is a middle of the pack bruiser with a respectable win rate and pick rate and seems to be on the bit of an upswing in popularity.

In case you're wonder what to do in case she appears in your games, here's five Camille counter picks in the top lane.

5 Best Camille Counter Picks

5. Jax

Jax's counter makes it difficult for auto attack based champions to deal damage, making Jax strong against Camille. With most of her damage nullified, Jax can easily duel Camille and out push her once the lane phase ends.

Photo by Riot Games

4. Illaoi

Photo by Riot Games

Illaoi is one of the more frustrating champions to lane against. Camille's lane phase was already lacking, and putting her in a lane against a champion like Illaoi only accentuates her weakness even further.

3. Shen

Photo by Riot Games

A lot of Camille's damage comes from Camille's ability to use Trinity Force with her Q ability. Although, the damage is telegraphed and it's easy to tell when it's coming, which makes Shen a very good counter. His Twilight Shroud can be popped at just the right moment, blocking all of the damage from Camille's Q, and her Trinity Force in the press of the button.

2. Darius

Photo by Riot Games

Darius stomps most weak lane opponents, and Camille is one of the weaker laners of top lane. It's a bit of a no-brainer that Darius can easily take this lane by force.

1. Mordekaiser

Photo by Riot Games

Mordekaiser looks at Camille's ultimate and laughs. Not only can Morde cancel Camille's ultimate by ulting her, Morde is a bruiser who can stomp weaker laners with ease, making this another losing lane for Camille.