Yuumi is League of Legends' newest champion. The recently-revealed champion contains elements of other champions such as Lulu, Karma, Sona and Rakan to create a new Support who excels as part of a duo in the laning phase.

With many changes incoming to Supports and the massive nerf to Rakan, players may be tempted to try out the new champion as a replacement. For those curious individuals, they'll find that Yuumi's low health pool makes her difficult to play as a Tank and removes a lot of front-line presence.

Consequently, Yuumi pairs best with long-range marksmen who have defensive abilities of their own to peel which she can further assist, and who benefit from the safety she provides in lane to reach the mid/late-game where they can carry. Hence, these are the five best champions to play alongside Yuumi in the bot lane.

5. Caitlyn

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Caitlyn's long range and consistent poke can be assisted by Yuumi's Prowling Projectile (Q) damage and her Zoomies (E) can help Caitlyn kite backwards. Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap (W) line and 90 Caliber Net (E) also gives additional safety.

4. Ashe

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Ashe's ability to slow down enemies and stun/peel with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) gives additional safety, and Yuumi can assist with poking damage to help Ashe through the lane. Additionally, Ashe's Hawkshot (E) can scout dangerous areas and allow Yuumi to roam with some safety.

3. Kog'Maw

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Kog'Maw's extreme range and high damage output pairs well with Yuumi's poke. Additionally, she can help off-set his greatest weakness, immobility, with her Zoomies (E) ability to heal and help him kite.

2. Sivir

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Sivir and Yuumi can assist each other through the laning phase but it is in mid/late-game where this duo will truly shine. Yuumi's Zoomies (E) and Final Chapter (R) abilities can pair extremely well with Sivir's Ricochet and On the Hunt (R) abilities to cross huge amounts of distance while outputting extreme damage on grouped enemies.

1. Twitch

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Twitch benefits hugely from Yuumi's You and Me! (W) ability by sharing their AD/AP into adaptive force to output gigantic amounts of damage. With both building damage, they can quickly terrorize their lane and the later phases of the match with surprise ambushes. This partnership takes advantage of Yuumi's damage-dealing supporting capabilities the best with a powerful hyper-carry that needs extra statistics and aid to get through the early game.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games