5 Best Champions to Pair With Zeri in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Zeri will be released on Jan. 20, 2022, and players are eager to play the new kinetic marksman. Here are the five champions that are the best supports to pair with Zeri in League of Legends.

Riot Games has revealed Zeri's abilities, which are fairly similar to other League of Legends champions' abilities. When looking for champions who pair well with Zeri, it's important to understand Zeri's abilities and strengths and how they can be fully optimized in game. Zeri's passive — Living Battery — grants her movement speed every time she is shielded.

Therefore, a support who can shield, keep up with Zeri and engage for her is the best champion to pair with Zeri. Enchanters who can shield are valuable as well as strong tanks who are able to engage for her.

5 Best Champions to Pair With Zeri in League of Legends

1. Rakan

Arguably, support Rakan and Zeri are a stronger pair than Rakan and Xayah. Rakan is the perfect support for Zeri as he is able to shield her, granting Zeri movement speed, and is tanky enough to engage for Zeri as she guns down the enemy champions. Rakan is also quick enough to keep up with Zeri as she runs around the map.

2. Lulu

Lulu has the ability to spam her E and shield Zeri, granting her unlimited movement speed. Lulu's W also grants allies movement speed, being able to grant Zeri movement speed at a truly unforgiving pace. When W is used on an enemy, Zeri can quickly be shielded with E and dash towards the polymorphed enemy. Pairing Zeri's explosive ultimate with Lulu's ultimate ability could be an incredibly strong pairing in team fights as Zeri runs down lane with her enemies unable to escape.

3. Nami

Although Nami is unable to spam shields like Lulu can, Nami's ability to knock-up and stun enemy champs can be useful for Zeri. This allows her time to get to enemy champions, quickly attack and secure kills. Nami with Summon Aery can heal and shield Zeri as well. Zeri's ultimate and Nami's ultimate could be game over for the enemy team.

4. Thresh

Thresh can both engage for Zeri as well as shield her with W. This makes Thresh a perfect match with Zeri in bot lane as he is able to pull her out of trouble and shield her. By hooking an enemy champion, Zeri can quickly dash towards the CC'ed champion; securing the kill.

5. Nautilus

Nautilus is similar to Thresh as he's able to engage and take damage for Zeri. His ability to constantly CC champions is incredibly useful for a quick champion like Zeri, and can help her rack up kills and become an unstoppable force.