5 Best Changes in League of Legends Patch 9.23

League of Legends Patch 9.23's release means the preseason is here, marking the Rise of the Elements. Everyone has a few changes to look forward to, but here a list of the five best changes coming in League of Legends Patch 9.23.

Nimbus Cloak Change

Not a lot of champions will find use for this change, but those who do will REALLY get a kick out of it. Nimbus cloak no longer gives movement speed upon ultimate cast, but instead on summoner spell use. This makes it very useful on champions like Rakan, or Fiddlesticks who use summoners to help aid their engages. But even more so, a champion like Zoe who uses multiple summoners in a short amount of time will be really moving with the extra movement speed, making this change at least deserve a mention

Presence of Mind Change

Presence of Mind has been changed so that it still refunds mana on takedowns, but it now also increases you maximum mana (or energy) up to a cap. Gone are the days of Yuumi casting her ult twice in the same fight.

Spear of Shojin Removed

Since the release of Aatrox, tanks have been almost nonexistent from top lane, making bruisers pretty much a staple in the meta for way too long. One of the things helping them is Spear of Shojin, an item that grants you useful stats such as cooldown reduction, health, and attack damage, and comes with a unique passive. Once casting your ultimate ability, your basic attacks will now reduce the cooldown of your basic abilities, basically allowing you spam cooldowns for eight seconds. Champions like Renekton, Jax and Riven have been tearing it up in solo Q and in pro play. With the item gone, we can all rest a bit easier knowing that Shojin Renekton can't hurt us anymore.

Lethality Item Changes

This patch gives us new items, as well as a few update to old ones. The mew item, Sanguine Blade is a Lethality item that enables split pushing. Its unique passive grants a huge attack speed buff when no allies are nearby. This will make it easier for assassins and the like to side lane, and make it quite dangerous to match them mid game. As for the old items, the blackout effect has been removed from Duskblade and moved to its separate item, making it an support AD item for the likes of Pyke and Senna.

The Dragons!

Dragons have always been game changing and powerful objectives in League of Legends, but now they will permanently have an impact on the way you play the game. From Dragon Souls, to the new Elder buff, dragons are now important thing on the map for the first half of the game. In addition to this, Baron buff's duration has also taken a hit, while Elder's buff has had it's duration increased, making the Elder buff just as powerful if not even more so.

For a full look at the changes this patch, take a look at the full list of changes here!