5 Best Changes in League of Legends Season 9

The best changes in League of Legends season 9 had sweeping effects on the game. This season has been a balancing act for Riot, and it's been rough. Bot lane was a mess, Top lane wants their lane to be more important and Junglers just want to be left alone. Let's look back with rose tinted glasses for a bit, and look at 5 good things that came from Season 9

5. Essence Reaver Reverted

The season prior, Riot made a bunch of changes to AD Carry items in an attempt to reduce the roles influence on the game. This was a tumultuous time for bot laners as you might've expected. However, Patch 9.3 was Riot's attempt at fixing the damage done. They reverted a few items, one of them being Essence Reaver. They decided that it was much better as a crit item like before, and but Riot had to acknowledge that the item had become popular on bruisers after its rework. So, the passive that was removed got turned into its own item. That item? Spear of Shojin.

4. Storm Razor Changed

On the same Patch, Riot also reworked Storm Razor. Prior to this, after not basic attacking for a set time, your next auto was guaranteed to crit. It was the only first item option for a lot of ADCs, and it was honestly lack luster. When it was reworked, it became an item that increased the effectiveness of energized items. This was rarely used, but it became a core item on Kai'Sa, and helped her onto her way to becoming one of the strongest ADCs because it helped her gain her evolved abilities much faster.

3. Infinity Edge Reverted

Also on patch 9.3, Riot reverted Infinity Edge as well. This version of Infinity Edge was promising. An item that doubled your crit chance was interesting, making three item spikes very strong. But it just wasn't worth the wait, since the items on the way to the Infinity Edge were very weak. So when it got changed back to its original stats, it became the premier first item choice again.

2. Irelia Ultimate Changed

This change is from patch 9.2. Irelia was a menace on the Rift for the past couple months. Her kit was extremely overloaded and once pro players figured out what to do she became a top tier pick and would need some nerfs. In response to this, Riot changed her ultimate a lot. The most notable change being that it no longer disarmed people. To make up for this, the damage and slow was increased. Overall, this made Irelia much more bearable than before.

1. Kayle's Rework

The Kayle Rework is one of the most interesting reworks in recent years. She hasn't really had as much success as other champions, at least up until worlds. Once Worlds came around, China's Invictus Gaming showed us the power of top lane Kayle in a big way! It's not very clear what will come about the future of the champion since the removal of Kleptopmancy, Kayle's primary rune choice, but she did put on a show this year at the fall classic, and that's what really matters.