5 Best Counters to Chamber in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the recent announcement of Chamber in Valorant, players are already anticipating how he could be used in game. Along with this, ideas are also forming for how to best go about countering the French Assassin. He has a very unique kit, so coming up with ways to handle him will be very hard to formulate off of his release, but it will be possible.

As of right now, here are the five best ways to counter Chamber in Valorant.

5 Best Counters to Chamber in Valorant

1. Sage Walls

Blocking off lines of sight will be very important to denying Chambers, utility. Denying him sight with a Sage wall will be an important development in the meta game around Chamber. Walling off areas will allow the enemy team to cross or clear angles without having to worry about a one shot sniper.

2. Astra Wall

Astra could be seen as a very useful anti-Chamber agent. Her wall can deny sight over entire map lengths, making Chamber's sniper very hard to play with. Her smokes as well as her gravity well can also constantly put pressure on a sniper/sentinel like Chamber, forcing him to reposition and make him uncomfortable.

3. Smoke Abilities

Between Omen, Brimstone, Jett and Viper, smoke characters will do wonders blocking off the sightlines that Chamber will often watch with his sniper, forcing him into more close range situations. Making a Chamber uncomfortable and to constantly move around is the best way to deal with him.

4. Breach

Breach has been known by some to be the anti operator Agent, and this would work even better when being used against a Chamber and not a Jett. Chamber does not have the mobility of a Jett, and this can be used against him. Breach's stun abilities can completely negate a sniper like Chamber, and he may be Chamber's worst enemy.

5. Jett

One of the best ways to counter an anchor/sniper is with another sniper. Using both the operator friendly kit of Jett as well as the ability to close space quickly using the dash. Either challenging Chamber with the sniper or putting pressure on him through movement, a Jett may be a tough opponent for Chamber.