5 Best Counters to Gwen in League of Legends

League Of Legends Champion: Gwen
League Of Legends Champion: Gwen / Courtesy of Riot Games

Gwen looks to shake up the current meta and players are looking for ways to fight back. Although mages aren't in style right now League of Legends gameplay designer Mark Yetter has high hopes for the game's newest champion. However, it's possible that with the current status of the game that she may become a prey amongst the rotation rather than a predator.

Here are the five best counters to Gwen in League of Legends.

5 Best Counters to Gwen in League of Legends


If Gwen is in the top lane you won't be wanting to stay on top of her. Yetter describes one of Gwen's tools as "a pocket of Hallowed Mist protecting her for the time she needs to go toe to toe with other front liners." This is why Gnar will be effective he can deal damage from a distance and has the tools to keep that distance. Even as mega Gnar you'll be able to use projectiles and toss Gwen around until you can dish out damage.


Gwen's kit makes her extremely effective against front-liners but back-liners are a totally different story. Graves will blow her up from a distance and there'll be nothing she can do unless she's able to close the gap.


Although there may be a key benefit to staying away from Gwen, that doesn't really matter if you can kill her fast enough. Her invulnerability is limited and with Wukong's Warrior Trickster (W) if she throws out the mist you'll be able to make an escape and re-engage once it's disappeared.


Quinn is on this list for a lot of the same reasons as Gnar and Graves. She has first-rate mobility thanks to her Behind Enemy Lines (R) and can deal out tons of damage from a distance that Gwen won't have an answer for.


Jayce will have a field day with Gwen. If the Jayce player can hit their skill shots they'll give this new champ a taste of her own medicine. She'll have to throw out her tools early and in turn will be exposed to your retaliation whether up-close or from afar.