5 Best Counters to Sigma in Overwatch

Now that Sigma has been announced as Hero 31 to join the Overwatch roster, there's one solid question that remains on everyone's minds: how will he fit into the meta? Who does he sync well with and who will he be strong against? Most importantly, who will be strong against him?

Here's a handful of characters you can choose to counter the Sigma on your opponent's team.

Five Best Counters to Sigma

1. Doomfist

Since Sigma seems to have an easy time fending off ranged attacks and eating ammunition thrown at him, melee damage is the way to go. Doomfist serves well here with his almighty Rocket Punch to storm through Sigma's shield and push him around.

2. Sombra

Sombra is a hero who's becoming a popular choice as of late. One simple rule to counter low-mobility characters is to dance around them with high-mobility characters—and this is where she comes into play. When used correctly, Sombra can become pretty annoying for an enemy Sigma. Skirting around barriers with her Translocator and Invisibility while hacking shields would be your main focus here to essentially render his team-focused abilities useless.

3. Reaper

It's no secret Reaper eats tanks and with Sigma joining the roster as another barrier tank like Reinhardt, Reaper remains a solid choice. Standard strategies apply—get up close and personal with Wraith Form or Shadow Step to have the best shot at taking him down.

4. Genji

Genji's agility and high damage output can be a great counter to heroes like Sigma. Similar to Sombra, Genji can dash around Sigma and irritate him with some high close-combat damage with Swift Strike and Dragonblade. Genji's Deflect would also be a nice way to send Sigma's projectiles back his way and give him a taste of his own medicine.

5. Reinhardt

There's a couple ways to utilize Reinhardt in this scenario—but one of the best would be his Charge. Using Reinhardt's Charge to bust through Sigma's barrier and pin and/or stun him would be an easy way to let your teammates go in for the kill. Reinhardt's Rocket Hamer melee attacks would also do well here and Earthshatter is an obvious choice to sweep Sigma off his feet.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.