5 Best Fortnite Halloween Skins of All Time

Image provided by Epic Games.
Image provided by Epic Games. /

Fortnitemares is here, and things are getting spooky around the island. From cube monsters plaguing the island to getting eliminated by a costumed opponent, this Halloween celebration is sure to give every Fortnite player a fright. Here are the five best Halloween skins of all time to help players get into the spooky mood.

5 Best Fortnite Halloween Skins of All Time

5. All Hallow’s Steve

Kicking off the list is a skin that’s perfect for any Fortnite player, as the extremely wide range of combinations Steve can wear compliments any design choices the player can have. It’s a playful skin that references popular Fortnite characters, and makes for some cute and hilarious combinations. 

It features multiple masks, colors, and patterns. On top of being a very customizable skin, it will only set players back 1,200 V-Bucks. 

4. Victoria Saint

For players who missed out on Season 6’s Calamity, Victoria Saint is a great compromise for those who want a piece of some monster-slaying action. Similar to Calamity, she’s got a cowboy slayer theme going on, and she’s a great balance between elegant and kick-butt.

She was introduced in Halloween 2020, and will set the player back 1,200 V-Bucks.

3. Peely Bone

At the halfway mark is the horrifying Peely Bone, and this skin is pretty cool. A variant of one of Fortnite’s mascots: Peely, this spooky scary skeleton displays the cursed anatomy of what was seemingly just an ordinary banana. Complete with a skeleton and organs, this is one fruit that’ll make players lose their cravings for bananas.

This bad banana will cost the player 1,500 V-Bucks. Just make sure there are no other bananas in the room. 

2. Hollowhead

A play on one of the spookiest stories told on Halloween Night, the Headless Horseman comes to the island of Fortnite. Known as Hollowhead, this skin has all the Halloween essentials: from the jack-o-lantern head to the spooky monster-esque flames from his body. The Pumpkin Launchers may not make players scream, but this pumpkin certainly will.

Hollowhead costs 1,500 V-Bucks in the Iteam Shop.

1. Skull Trooper

What Fortnite Halloween event would be complete without the skeleton star himself? Being one of the most iconic skins in the game’s history, this variant of Jonesy would go on to create a massive cult following, which has resulted in this spooky skeleton reappearing every year for purchase. In addition to its reappearance in the Item Shop, exclusive variants of the Skull Trooper are retroactively added for players who have owned the skin in prior years.

Skull Trooper might be the simplest skin in this entire list, but he is one who can always get a reaction out of players when he’s on the field. He will cost 1,200 V-Bucks in the shop, and will include challenges to unlock his exclusive back bling.

Fortnitemares is available to play until Nov. 1.