5 Best Fortnite Live Events of All Time

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite has multiple live events every season, but of course, some will be better than others. Here are the five best Fortnite live events of all time.

1. The Travis Scott Concert

This was an event for the ages. This event broke every Fortnite record in terms of viewership with 12 million! There was a giant Travis Scott performing, and the visuals and effects were amazing. This is by far the best live event ever!

2. The Final Showdown

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

This was a battle between two powerful creatures that took place at the end of Season 9. The Monster vs Mecha was a must-see showdown between these two, both the size of mountains. In the end, Mecha won the close battle, but the Fortnite map was left destroyed afterward.

3. The Marshmello Concert

The Marshmello Concert was a pioneer event. It was the first-ever live concert in Fortnite, and made it possible for the Travis Scott concert. The event drew in 10 million viewers and was just awesome!

4. The End Event

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

While all live events serve a purpose, this one felt like it was just perfect for trying everything together. In the end event, all the missiles, meteors, and orbs from earlier seasons all came together to make sense. In the end, a giant black hole sucked everything into it, and we got a new map and cool new places.

5. The Meteor Event

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The Meteor Event was the first real live event in the game. Everybody watched in amazement to see what would happen after the meteor hit. In the aftermath, we got a new map, including Dusty Depot getting destroyed, then turned to Dusty Divot.