5 Best Hats in Among Us

Photo by Innersloth

Among Us is one of the most popular games in the world currently thanks to a boost from content creators.

The game is a Mafia-like murder mystery where crewmates must uncover who the impostors are before they kill enough crewmates. One of the most underrated aspects of Among Us is the character customization.

Here are the five best hats in Among Us.

5 Best Hats in Among Us

5. Stickmin Figure Hat

The Stickmin hat is a great hat choice because it pays homage to Innersloth's first project "The Henry Stickmin Collection." Looking to a company's past and realizing the impact they have made is an amazing thing.

4. Double Top Hat

The Double Top Hat is a twist on a classic hat. It's awesome because, well, it's a top hat. The thing that makes it even better is that there is two of them to wear. Double awesome.

3. Wolf Ears

Wolf ears come in at number three because they are cool and cute at the same time. The ears are also part of the Halloween collection.

2. Ram Horns

Do you want to feel like a mythical creature but also like a real-life wild animal at the same time? The Ram Horns are for you. They are a cool addition to the hat collection and make for a great accessory to any game of Among Us.

1. Mini Crewmate

Players could see this one coming but the Mini Crewmate is a cute addition to any Among Us adventure. It's like having a tiny companion with you and many consider it the best hat in the game.