5 Best Heroes to Pair With Sigma in Overwatch

Sigma is the latest addition to the Overwatch roster and available to play on the Public Test Region. Sigma uses the power of gravity to his advantage in battle. Players have been experimenting with a variety of team compositions that would work well with Sigma. Here are the five best heroes to pair with Sigma in Overwatch.

5. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a great tank choice to complement Sigma. His Earthshatter can combo well with Sigma's ultimate, Gravitic Flux, as Reinhardt will be able to stun all enemies within a radius where Sigma can capture all the stunned enemies. Reinhardt also allows teams to centralize a push down a certain path, which allows Sigma to cover a flank with his own shield. Reinhardt and Sigma can also rotate the tanking role, as one hero can hold up their shield, while the other can take the time to regenerate their shield. Reinhardt also plays in close quarters, which is the perfect distance where Sigma is effective.

4. Lucio

One of Sigma's greatest weaknesses is his lack of mobility. Aside from his ultimate, which allows him to float for a short period of time, Sigma is woefully slow and has a massive hitbox, making him an easy dive target. Lucio, however, is very difficult to dive, and has the ability to use his speed aura to let his teammates move much faster than normal. That helps eliminate Sigma's speed problem, and it prevents him from getting brutally punished from a coordinated dive.

3. Zarya

Zarya is likely the best off tank hero that you could play to complement Sigma. Because Sigma has a massive hitbox, Zarya's Projected Barrier can provide lots of protection for Sigma, and the larger barrier would mean that Zarya could get even more energy charge off of Sigma than a typical target. Zarya's Graviton Surge can also combo exceedingly well with Sigma's Gravitic Flux to secure a teamfight win. Additionally, Zarya, like Sigma, excels in close range engagements, making her a great hero to play alongside Sigma.

2. Moira

Moira is a fantastic support character to play alongside Sigma. Much like Lucio, Moira can easily avoid dives because she can use her Fade ability to escape such engagements. This allows her to dish out massive amounts of healing to her team, as she has arguably the highest raw healing output of any hero in the game. Sigma is likely to take a lot of damage during teamfights, so Moira can ensure that Sigma can stay alive during the fight.

1. Orisa

Orisa is likely to be the best hero to complement Sigma, at least in the current state of the game. Orisa can use Halt! to pull enemies close together, allowing Sigma to shoot his Hyperspheres or use Accretion to dish out massive amount of damage and gain tremendous ultimate charge. Sigma can also use his Gravitic Flux to deal lethal damage to all enemies who were pulled in by the Halt! Sigma also helps to negate the popular tank ability combination of Orisa's Halt! pulling enemies above a shield so that Roadhog can hook someone suspended in air. He can do so by placing his Experimental Barrier right above Orisa's shield. In the current meta, Orisa is perhaps the strongest hero to pair with Sigma.

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