5 Best Indie Game Soundtracks of All Time

Cuphead's jazz-based album makes it to the list!
Cuphead's jazz-based album makes it to the list! / Studio MDHR

Every developer knows that a good soundtrack is essential for video games. Music has the power to enhance a person's gaming experience. There's nothing more satisfying than when a soundtrack compliments gameplay, and we made a list of titles that do this well.

5 Best Indie Game Soundtracks of All Time


  • Composer: Darren Korb
  • Most-played Track: No Escape

The makers of Bastion and Transistor made one of the best modern roguelikes in 2020, and with it came a fantastic soundtrack. There's a reason why Hades won Best Music at the 10th Annual New York Game Awards. Darren Korb, Ashley Barrett, and many other talented musicians perfectly capture Hades' exhilarating gameplay, primarily through the rock genre. Whether hearing the desperate pleas of Orpheus in "The Lament of Orpheus" or battling Hades as electric guitars take center stage in "God of the Dead," the soundtrack of the dungeon crawler is a great time.


  • Composer: Toby Fox
  • Most-played Track: MEGALOVANIA

We'd be crazy not to include Undertale. The game gained popularity in 2015 due to its endings, characters, humor, and much more. Undertale's bubbly soundtrack is yet another reason to adore the title. Toby Fox creates songs that pair well with silly characters, locations, and battles, adding more charm to a game that's already delightful. What's most impressive is that Fox composed all the tracks and programmed the entire game himself.

Hollow Knight

  • Composer: Christopher Larkin
  • Most-played Track: Dirthmouth

All areas in Hallownest have a sad, desolate aura with a matching track, and Christopher Larkin makes each song feel as unique as the last. Violins, pianos, and cellos dominate in the Metroidvania, giving players an eerie feeling. Hollow Knight has some of the most haunting yet beautiful music on the list. Of course, the pacing of tracks picks up and marries well with the intensity of battles, like when players fight the Mantis Lords.


  • Composer: Austin Wintory
  • Most-played Track: Nascence

This non-dialogued adventure game came out in 2012 and still proves to have one of the best soundtracks in the industry. In short, Journey's musical score would be ideal for meditation. The tracks sound whimsical and serene enough to ease all troubles. It's also amazing how the player's actions affect the music. Austin Wintory beautifully merges interaction and emotion with music, creating an unforgettable experience for players.


  • Composer: Kristofer Maddigan
  • Most-played Track: Floral Fury

We're traveling back in time for this entry. This 2D side-scrolling run and gun, known for its superb 1930s aesthetic and unforgiving gameplay, has one of the most dynamic soundtracks on the list. Maddigan pays homage to the Jazz Age, incorporating a full jazz ensemble that brings energy and excitement to the title. The "Selected Tunes" album also topped the Jazz Albums Billboard charts in 2019.

Honorable Mentions


Stardew Valley

Kena: Bridge of Spirits