5 Best Jayce Counters

Jayce is one of the most popular top lane brawlers in League of Legends
Jayce is one of the most popular top lane brawlers in League of Legends / Photo by Riot Games

If the phrases “5 Best Jayce Counters,” “3 Ways to Counter Jayce” or “How to Lane Against Jayce,” are anywhere in your recent search history, odds are you’ve been playing a decent amount of top or mid in League of Legends.

Maybe it was the time he used his combo eliminating half of your health bar with nothing more than a Serrated Dirk and brazen overconfidence. Maybe it was the Tear of the Goddess, he’s been stacking for 10 minutes making those already painful Shock Blasts feel even more like a slap to the face.

Here are the five best champions to counter Jayce in League of Legends.

5 Best Jayce Counters

At his core, Jayce functions as an early-to-mid game champion. His laning phase is upfront and aggressive, favoring devastating trades at the right times. Additionally, he has great all-in potential, complimenting his poke.

Essentially, Jayce works to compliment his own strengths, making him feel like a champion that can do everything. Although, the key to defeating Jayce lies in not letting him dance to his own tune. Champions that remove his strong laning through either absorption of pressure or through aggression of their own tend to make Jayce players sweat. With that in mind, keep these champs off the ban list if you’re worried about a Jayce.

Champions That Beat Jayce

According to Counterstats.net, Jayce’s three largest counters are Cassiopeia, Quinn and Zed. All three of these are sensible picks in that they effectively do parts of Jayce’s job far better than he can. Lane-bullying and early poke are Quinn’s bread and butter (or bread and birdseed), and as a ranged auto-attacking laner, she removes a lot of the innate range advantage Jayce tends to have in lane.

Zed and Cassio both lack that early-game pressure that Jayce can bring, but far outscale him later into the game, as the former is a quintessential assassin while Cass will pump out far more damage in an elongated fight. Two less-than-common counters to Jayce can be found in the forms of Malphite and Vladimir.

Vlad is designed to trade very explosively at opportune times (sound familiar), making matchups against Jayce all about timing. Malphite, on the other hand, brings reliable enough poke on his own terms but really shines in how tanky he becomes.