5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 10.3

Ekko may have gotten a nerf in Patch 10.3, but is it enough to shatter his reign in the jungle?
Ekko may have gotten a nerf in Patch 10.3, but is it enough to shatter his reign in the jungle? / Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.3 is set to go live Tuesday afternoon, and with changes to jungle experience planned as part of the patch, the jungle may not be doomed after all. Here's a list of the five best junglers on League of Legends Patch 10.3 based on what we know from the changes currently on the Public Beta Environment.

1. Elise

Elise remains the queen of the jungle on Patch 10.3 with a strong early game kit relatively unaffected by any of the planned jungle experience changes or nerfs and buffs hitting other laners and junglers. Elise has great synergy with most top and mid laners, with just one stun needing to land for an essentially guaranteed kill.

Elise can follow up most engages with Cocoon (E) and dive to secure the kill while avoiding tower shots with her Rappel (E). Although the champion does require a lot of mechanical skill to play, her early game pressure and ability to solo objectives early on make her a terror on Summoners Rift.

2. Rek'Sai

Like Elise, Rek'Sai is untouched by the changes on Patch 10.3. If anything, he gets a slight buff by getting level 6 after approximately two full clears of the jungle. Rek'Sai's synergy with almost every mid lane champion played in high elo, like Syndra, Orianna, and Diana make her a menace in the jungle.

Rek'Sai can set up most ganks using flash-Unburrow (W) and guarantee a kill, while also having a relatively healthy clear and the ability to solo objectives after hitting Level 5. Not to mention that Rek'Sai also shares Elise's ability to drop tower aggro by using Void Rush (R), making it easy to pull off successful dives.

3. Wukong

With changes to Wukong reappearing on the PBE, it may be time for the Monkey King to get his long awaited rework and return to the rift. Based on early information from the PBE environment, it appears that Wukong might be a strong jungler on Patch 10.3.

Stength of Stone (Passive) will grant him 10 percent of his maximum health whenever he enters a brush or uses stealth with a 16 second cooldown at level 1. Combine his passive with Nimbus Strike (E) that grants him 30 percent attack speed for four seconds at level 1, and you have a champion that can easily sustain while in the jungle and dish out large amounts of damage in a gank.

4. Olaf

Olaf remains untouched in the jungle in Patch 10.3, with perhaps a slight buff due to the increase in experience gained by clearing krugs. Olaf's ability to take objectives at level 4 with his Vicious Strikes (W) and shed enemy crowd control in the mid game with Ragnarok (R) keep him at the upper end of the jungle champion pool.

5. Ekko

Even though Ekko was hit with a nerf on Patch 10.3, the change only slightly inhibits his ability to clear the jungle. Z-Drive Resonance will now do 150 percent of normal damage to monsters instead of 200 percent damage. But, Ekko will keep his attack speed and Parallel Convergence (W) stun time.

Ekko's current clear emphasizes larger camps, like raptors and krugs, with Timewinder (Q) being the main tool used to apply stacks of Z-Drive Resonance (Passive). Even with the nerfs, Ekko will still recieve a shield and be able to clear camps at slightly slower speed after completing his jungle item. The champion will be a little bit weaker, but still one of the stronger options in the jungle on Patch 10.3.