League of Legends Patch 9.11 brings key changes to the clear speeds of junglers that excelled into the late game. These changes have rotated those junglers out of the top five and brought in some new champions to the list. Here are the five strongest junglers to pick in Patch 9.11.

5. Kha'zix

Image courtesy of Riot Games

With Karthus and Master Yi having less efficient early game clearing, Assassins have roamed back into the spotlight. Kha'zix makes the list with his extreme versatility and damage output, creating pressure on the enemy team to be able to track his movements and not get caught isolated from help.

4. Lee Sin

Image courtesy of Riot Games

The Blind Monk has always been a test of a jungler's mechanics and fundamentals. Lee Sin remains to be a strong force in the Jungle and can create great opportunities in the early game with his ability to close gaps multiple times.

3. Evelynn

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Evelynn is another example of an assassin making their way back into the top five. When she has access to Last Caress (R), alongside her passive stealth, Evelynn gains the ability to disappear from enemy vision and reappear with deadly force.

2. Kayn

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Kayn remains to be a useful assassin while retaining the ability to opt into another path. That flexibility is the key to Kayn's success. Kayn's engage potential is another reason he remains one of the best junglers in the game. The ability to all in onto an enemy and be able to ult and become untargetable is a feat few champions can do.

1. Hecarim

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Hecarim remains to be a strong early presence with his extreme mobility and efficient clear times. Hecarim can initiate ganks quickly from the fog of war using Devastating Charge (E) paired with Onslaught of Shadows (R) to close gaps and fear his targets.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games