League of Legends Patch 9.16 goes live Wednesday, and with it more balance changes come to every role. As such, here are the five best junglers in League of Legends Patch 9.16.

5. Nocturne

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Nocturne received some buffs this patch, and it might be enough to push him back into the meta as a dangerous assassin in the jungle. The changes should not affect his clear time, but the base armor increase plus attack speed on his W is no small change.

4. Elise

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

With the recent hit to Evelynn's kit, Elise has quickly taken the place of the strongest AP assassin jungler in the meta. She has quickly shown that she is a real threat and can make it at all tiers of the game.

3. Nunu & Willump

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

This powerful duo has been doing great against the assassins in the jungle. Their incredible clear time and health after clear makes them an early game threat to their opposing jungler, and they often push junglers out of relevance leveraging those two advantages.

2. Kha'Zix

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Kha'Zix is still the No. 1 assassin in the jungle because Kha'Zix has the mobility, damage, and evasion that every assassin wishes they had. The best part of it is the flexibility Kha'Zix has to emphasize any one of those traits.

1. Hecarim

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Hecarim is still the best jungler because the sheer speed of his threat. He is done clearing and in a lane faster than anyone else, and that is what makes him a cut above the rest for now.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games