5 Best Landing Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

With all of the new locations in the new season of Fortnite, here are the best five landing locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. After the Season 6 live event, we witnessed Jones sacrifice himself to save the Fortnite universe. After the Zero Point exploded, the map went “primal”. Now we have a mixture of new and old map locations, and here’s your guide for the best locations to land.

1. The Spire

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

This is a new location on the map, and it’s dead center of the map. It replaced the Zero Point, but its full of loot everywhere you look. They also have a multitude of zip lines that can help you travel faster. It’s similar to Tilted Towers in terms of how people land here and it’s a warzone. The warzone aspect of it makes landing here that much fun.

2. Sweaty Sands

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

This is another new, primal location on the map. This location probably has the most loot of any location so that makes this a great place to land. Unlike the Spire, players don’t land here too often so you can usually search for loot in peace.

3. Slurpy Swamp

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Slurpy Swamp got its name from being a swamp thsts full of slurp juice. Landing here you will be able to get a full shield to help you in your battles. You can also get plenty of loot while here so it’s a win win situation.

4. Weeping Woods

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Weeping Woods is where you want to go if you are looking for animals. This is where you can see the primal season in full effect. You can go here to either hunt an animal or tame one. Along with the animals, the woods are close to the Guardian Towers, which makes it even better once you have your wolf.

5. Dirty Docks

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

This is another location that is great and has a lack of player traffic. What makes Dirty Docks a top location is the fact that they have the most chests on the game. They also have materials everywhere so you can load up while looking for a chest.

The new map has some great locations with plenty of benefits. Hopefully you can make some of these your new landing spots.