5 Best Landing Spots in Warzone Season 4

Here are five of the best spots to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4.
Here are five of the best spots to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4. / Photo courtesy of Activision

This five best landing spots in Warzone Season 4 guide is here for any players looking to avoid an abrupt trip to the Gulag for as long as possible in the unforgiving battlefield of Verdansk '84.

Whether you're looking to queue up in solos, duos, trios or squads, here are our top five suggested landing spots in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4.

5 Best Landing Spots In Warzone Season 4

5. Military Base

Often times a hot drop depending on the starting helicopter's flight path, Military Base has been stacked with buildings and loot ever since its 1984 makeover with the start of Season 3.

4. Summit

Especially with there being not just one, but two of Season 4's new Red Door spawns being located in this POI, Summit is one of the best places to drop at the moment thanks to its wide space allowing players to pick and choose early fights to take.

3. Promenade West

A longtime personal favorite of mine, Promenade West is a tried and true POI that can consistently get your squad to late game. If it's not contested, congrats. Otherwise, Prom West's large number of buildings means there's plenty of ground loot and cash to go around even if other teams decide to try and stake their claims.

2. Superstore

The absolute hottest of drops more often than not, Superstore remains a go-to favorite of content creators, competitive players and casuals alike looking to full send it.

1. Hospital

Thanks to its high risk, high reward potential even higher than the POI I just mentioned, Hospital is the spiciest landing spot for players looking to frag out. Grab the helicopter towards the southern part of the POI on the roof and chop any player that dared to contest you. After that, you take your well-deserved money, secure a loadout drop and get to work wiping the lobby while rotating easily across the map thanks to that helicopter.