5 Best League of Legends Events of 2020

5 Best League of Legends Events of 2020
5 Best League of Legends Events of 2020 / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The five best League of Legends events of 2020 are difficult to rank. Each event brought its own flair, excitement, and awesome rewards.

The events from 2020 covered a variety of themes from pop stars to dragons. Riot Games even released a few pandemic inspired missions to encourage players to socialize while social distancing by completing new in game missions together. Here are the top five in game events from 2020.

5 Best League of Legends Events of 2020

5. KD/A All Out

The second KD/A event helped introduce the newest member to the sensational pop group. KD/A brought Seraphine to Summoner's Rift with missions that unlocked her skins.

4. Spirit Blossom

The Spirit Blossom event brought Yone and Lillia to League of Legends in their first ever in game event. The event allowed players to get a free Lillia champion shard and unlock exclusive emotes.

3. Psy Ops

Similar to Pulsefire, Psy Ops was set in a future militaristic setting and released over ten skins. All the skins are based on a military special operations theme with over ten being released and plenty of chromas to go with them.

2. Pulsefire

Pulsefire created a twisted universe where Piltover was taken over by a totalitarian police state. The event released over ten brand new skins to accompany the dark lore behind it.

1. Dragonmancers

The Dragonmancer event put Aurelion Sol at the center of the lore as the mythical dragon that bestowed his blessing upon a select few champions. Those champions received special dragon themed skins.

2020 brought about plenty of new League of Legends content, and with Season 11 beginning soon it's important to stay up to date with everything League of Legends. Check out the official start date for Season 11 and the best Jhin build for preseason.