The main way Riot Games makes money off of League of Legends is through the cosmetics, such as skins, they sell to their players. Because this is their main revenue stream, Riot Games has made a vast amount of spectacular skins for their players. Here are the five best sets of skins that Riot has put out.

5. High Noon

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The High Noon skin line is based off of a western theme and has been very successful on champions like Thresh and Lucian. This skin line gives a rough look to the champions that are lucky enough to be a part of it.

4. Blood Moon

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The Blood Moon skin line has been around for a long time and has been only getting better since the first skin. This skin line is almost demonic with its style and favors champions that can fit this style.

3. Pool Party

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

It started as a fun summer-themed skin, the Pool Party line has quickly become one of the favorites in the community.

2. Star Guardian

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The Star Guardian skin line is a player favorite and Riot has obviously put a lot of work into it, even past the skins themselves. There is no doubt that every Star Guardian skin is well done and loved by the players.


Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The PROJECT skin line is, without a question, the best skin line to come out for League of Legends. The world it is set in is mysterious and intriguing, and each individual skin has so much to offer.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games