5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 12.8

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Gamers are looking to find out the five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 12.8.

Mid laners are typically champions who can easily become the late-game carry. The middle lane provides the quickest income of gold and experience due to its short distance, which makes the mid laners a powerful asset to any team. By being in the center of the map, this position enables champions to roam to top or bottom lane and gank the enemy team for extra kills.

With Patch 12.8, here is a list of the five best mid laners in League of Legends

5 Best Mid Laners in League of Legends Patch 12.8

1. Viktor

Viktor has been a popular pick in the mid lane lately. This is because his abilities enable him to do well in team fights as his Gravity Field (W) slows enemies and his Chaos Storm (R) conjures a singularity that deals magic damage and interrupts enemy channels.

2. Yasuo

Yasuo has been a powerful champion in the mid lane. Although he's a difficult champion for new gamers to play, Yasuo's damage and attack speed continues to scale throughout the game. Once he reaches level six, he becomes extremely strong due to his Ultimate (R) that crowd controls and gives him bonus armor penetration.

3. Katarina

Katarina is next on our list as one of the best mid laners around right now. She's a high mobility champion due to her incredible movement speed from Preparation (W) and Shunpo (E) which lets her blink at the enemy champion. Additionally, her Death Lotus (R) is vicious as it enables Katarina to become a flurry of blades, dealing massive magic damage.

4. Ahri

Ahri is a Nine-Tailed Fox champion that was released many years ago. As one of the oldest champions, her rework raised her popularity as she became a high-mobility mage. One of the key aspects of her rework is related to her passive. It allows her to damage enemies and collect essence fragments. Once she collects nine, she can heal for a certain amount of time. On top of that, Ahri's ultimate allows her to chase down low-health enemies and secure kills.

5. Qiyana

Qiyana is last on our list of the five best mid laners to play in Patch 12.8. Her Terrashape (W) lets her buff her weapon while near certain types of elements. For the duration of the enchantment, her attacks and abilities deal bonus damage. This means that paying attention to what terrain gamers are on matters. With her increased damage and dashes, she is a powerful empress to play against.