The five best mid laners in League of Legends Patch 9.10 is a tad different from other patches, as the big double-digit update to the 2019 League of Legends patch cycle sees a big shake-up to the mid lane after a few patches of relative stability. In this time of upheaval, here are the five champions best suited for the mid lane in patch 9.10.

5. Nautilus

Image courtesy of Riot Games

The enormous AP ratios on Nautilus's Dredge Line (Q) and Riptide (E) abilities have propelled him to prominence in the mid lane. With huge damage and wave-clear as well as large built-in crowd-control, Nautilus is a potent abuser of Aftershock. While potentially facing mana issues, Nautilus is one of the few bulky champions playable in the mid lane.

4. LeBlanc

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LeBlanc has been a staple of the top five for many patches. With strong dueling power in lane and immense burst power when on the roam, LeBlanc is a potent threat who can play into many opponents with consistency.

3. Akali

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Akali's had an up-and-down year overall, but Patch 9.10 sees her continue on the uptick. With flexibility in both top and mid lane as well as prominent playmaking potential, Akali is a strong tool for those who know how to pilot her.

2. Sylas

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Sylas similarly has flex potential into both top and mid lane, but stands out in the variety of build paths available. While most commonly built as a Tank with Aftershock, Sylas can still see utility with other rune choices, although the nerf to the Conqueror rune may remove that as a viable path.

1. Ryze

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In what continues to be a trend for this patch, Ryze is flexible to play in both top and mid lane. Strong wave-clear and split-push potential paired with off-tank potential and extreme late-game burst damage gives Ryze the number one spot.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games