5 Best Moments of the Overwatch League Regular Season

Eqo has stepped up in a big way when his team needed him.
Eqo has stepped up in a big way when his team needed him. / Photo by Ben Pursell/Blizzard

The 2020 Overwatch League season was supposed to be the league's next step toward global domination. Its teams would travel far and wide, playing to raving fans the world over and delivering the monumental excitement that only professional Overwatch can deliver. Although the traveling part fell to pieces — thanks for nothing, COVID-19 — the fractured season still managed to bring the hype. Here are the five most exciting moments of the 2020 Overwatch League regular season.

1. Pokpo's Firestrike

Back before the Overwatch League shifted to online competition, live crowd reactions amplified the energy of the most impressive plays. When the Atlanta Reign faced off against the Toronto Defiant, main tank Hyun-jun "Pokpo" Park enjoyed the electricity of the in-person competition. In the first map of the series, the Reign found themselves with seconds to spare before the Defiant would win the point. To retake control, the Reign executed a modified Halt! and Firestrike combo, sending the flame through an Amplification Matrix. The resultant attack instantly melted four of the six Defiant players and set the Reign on the road to their comeback win.

2. Carpe's Nepal Widowmaker Clutch

Jae-Hyeok "Carpe" Lee did not take long this season to show exactly why he's a perennial T-Mobile MVP candidate. The South Korean hitscan legend showed up in a massive way during the Philadelphia Fusion's first match of the season, when they played the Washington Justice. Philly found itself about to lose with the Justice at 99% control on the first map of the series when Carpe decided to hit the beastmode button. Swapping from McCree to Widowmaker as the clock wound down, Carpe found his first kill on the enemy McCree. From there he managed to take out the enemy Mei, crippling the enemy's offense, then their Lúcio, and finally their D.Va to sew up the match as only he could.

3. Paris Eternal Defeat San Francisco Shock in Summer Showdown

The Paris Eternal struggled during the 2019 season, but with a rebuilt roster in 2020, they’re one of the season’s biggest and brightest surprises. Their big coming out party was at the Summer Showdown when the team got the chance to prove itself against the best squads in the league, starting with the San Francisco Shock. The Eternal went on to win the entire tournament, defeating the Philadelphia Fusion in the final, but it was this moment that captured the spirit of the victory. A monstrous Genji clutch from newcomer Yeong-Han "SP9RK1E" Kim brought the best team in Overwatch to its knees in overtime on the deciding map, and the Eternal's celebration was epic.

4. Fleta Flexes with Widowmaker Clutch

Byung-Sun "Fleta" Kim gets it done, whatever it is. The T-Mobile MVP nominee trades on his incredible flexibility, but sometimes a stubborn sniper pick is what he and his team need to save a match. In the May Melee, Fleta and the Dragons were on the ropes against the Seoul Dynasty. The Dynasty had pushed the payload towards the end of King's Row, and feeling the urgency, Fleta made a last-minute swap to Widowmaker. He stepped out of spawn and started clicking heads: he immediately eliminated the enemy Brigitte, Sombra, Ana and D.Va to tidily sweep the Dynasty off the point.

5. Eqo Gives His All in Summer Showdown Finals

Josue "Eqo" Corona often finds himself in the shadow of his teammate Carpe when it comes to the clutch factor, but this play puts any doubts the world may have about him to rest. Facing another devastating second-place finish for the Fusion, Eqo put his entire team on his back. The fight started miserably for the Fusion as the Eternal’s Widowmaker, Ki-hHyo "Xzi" Jung, wiped their Ashe for the opening kill. Eqo chased down and eliminated  Xzi, then turned around to finish off Paris’ Baptiste, Joon "Fielder" Kwon. But the Eternal responded by taking out Philly's Brigitte, Kyung-Bo "Alarm" Kim. SP9RK1E took out Isaac "Boombox" Charles, whom Philly traded for Brice "FDGod" Monsçavoir. From there it was the Eqo show. His Genji wiped out the remaining three Eternal players, then pivoted to stuff two more players coming in from respawn. The Eternal ultimately took the match, but Eqo was able to hold his head high after this impressive performance.

The 2020 Overwatch League Playoffs continue through September 6, then pick up next week starting September 11 for the last weekend of the Playoffs before Grand Finals Weekend. Make sure to catch all the action at YouTube.com/OverwatchLeague!

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