5 Best Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Skins

Brigitte on the Dance Floor
Brigitte on the Dance Floor / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Overwatch Anniversary 2021 has brought new cosmetics for players to earn for some of their favorite heroes in the game. As with every in-game event, fans eagerly wait to see which characters receive legendary skins.

That being said, here are the five best skins to come from the latest Anniversary event in Overwatch.

5 Best Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Skins

5. Funky

Funky-Time / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

The hero is sporting a 1970's detective outfit ready to throw down some dance moves on the battlefield.

4. Venus

Venus / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Moira's new legendary skin is a perfect fit for the support hero. Venus adds a vibrant array of colors to the cosmetic with plants. Plants have elements of healing and poisonous properties extracted from scientists; a perfect fit for Moira.

3. Gladiator

Gladiator / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Doomfist brings the pain with a futuristic gladiator skin. The ancient Rome outfit is a perfect fit for this warrior.

2. Black Cat

Black Cat
Black Cat / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Sombra brings a cyberpunk vigilante outfit ready for a heist. The hero wears a a mask to hide her identity sporting a trusty cat-tail whip and cute cat ears.

1. Junkfood

Junkfood / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Who doesn't like junk food? Junkrat's sugar rush outfit features a menacing look that could honestly belong in an event like Halloween TError.

The Overwatch Anniversary 2021 limited-time event is now live.