Overwatch has had some impressive hero reveals. The game's lore thrives around the addition of new heroes as each cinematic or comic gives us more of the story and background.

Here are the five best Overwatch hero reveals.

5. Moira

Moira was a delightful addition to the game. She provided another unique support, a dynamic storyline and more lore for the masses!

4. Sombra

The only problem with Sombra's introduction was the long drawn out tease of Sombra. For months, Blizzard slowly revealed hints for the new hero, but it became too much. By the time she was finally showcased at BlizzCon, it left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.

3. Ana

Ana was the first hero introduced after the initial release of the game. She was unique as a sniper healer and had a great lore story as Pharah's mother. When she was introduced, we got another piece of the story when it came to the lore.

2. Baptiste

Blizzard has gotten better over time with the introduction of its heroes, so it's no surprise that Baptiste is the latest and one of the best reveals.

1. Ashe

Ashe was an excellent addition to the game that needed more skill-based heroes. But the reveal was even better. It teased multiple characters that the game could have introduced including Echo, yet it turned out to be Ashe.