5 Best Overwatch Maps of All Time

Here are five of the best Overwatch maps of all time.
Here are five of the best Overwatch maps of all time. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

It's pretty easy to argue that although Overwatch has some of the most aesthetically pleasing multiplayer maps in all of gaming, not all of them were born equal in terms of competitive design.

As seen in the case of the 2CP Assault maps, which often lead to games that either are over in a flash or painfully drag on and on, there are simply those that have been more favored by the community over the years. As such, here is a list of five of the best Overwatch maps of all time.

5 Best Overwatch Maps of All Time

5. Oasis

Oasis / Image courtesy of Blizzard

When you think about Overwatch's best DLC maps, let alone Control maps, Oasis often comes to mind — and for good reason. With three areas, each defined by their environmental features and ornate architecture, Oasis presents plenty of unique opportunities for players to make plays.

4. Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower
Lijiang Tower / Image courtesy of Blizzard

One of, if not the most symmetrical, simple maps in the game, Lijiang Tower has long been a fan favorite for Control. With its classic Chinese architecture and Overwatch's signature sci-fi motifs, the theme is just as exciting and dynamic as its use of corridors, open spaces and elevation.

3. King's Row

King's Row
King's Row / Image courtesy of Blizzard

An iconic Overwatch setting, both in its lore and its design, the Hybrid map presents an intriguing atmosphere that fits perfectly with its gameplay. Flowing dynamically through various choke points and pathways that lead to close-quarters brawls and epic-scale team fights, this map lets different heroes shine depending on the stage of the battle.

2. Hollywood

Hollywood / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Another classic map for the game, Hollywood has long been the backdrop for an endless amount of amazing moments for Overwatch League pros, content creators, and casual players alike. A fun and vibrant setting with its various movie sets and backstage areas, Hollywood is one of the best maps in the game.

1. Ilios

Ilios / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Coming in at No. 1 is the stunning seaside village in Greece, Ilios. With three areas that all offer their own flavors and environmental hazards, Ilios is a living reminder of the "golden age" of Overwatch.