5 Best Places to Visit in The Elder Scrolls Online

As a lore-enthusiast, one of my favorite past times in games is to find the places I've read so much about and explore them. Famous lore locations, sites of battles or critical events, even talking to important characters gives me a sort of awestruck feeling.

Here's a list of some of those places I've found, featuring my characters.

Top Five Locations to Visit in ESO

1. The Tribunal Temple in Mournhold

While not all Dark Elves hold the three living gods in their heart, the Tribunal Temple is still an incredible lore destination. Walking through the building and interacting with Almalexia while knowing what happens during the events of Morrowind less than one era later creates an eerie, unfortunate feeling. Things are truly never as nice as they seem.

2. The Disappearing Isle of Artaeum

If you've played through TESV: Skyrim's Mages' Guild questline, you've heard about the Psijics. Not much was known about this mysterious order of mages until the addition of the Summerset chapter—which included a trip to their famous isle. The isle, itself, used to exist as part of the Summerset Isles, but is often sealed off or whisked away by the Psijics for centuries at a time. Many powerful spellcasters have made their home here, including the main antagonist Mannimarco, and Sotha Sil, who has a private study in the Ceporah Tower.

3. Sotha Sil's Clockwork City

Created some time after the Battle of Red Mountain, this city serves as the workshop that Sotha Sil uses to try perfecting all of creation. It's filled with dwemer-inspired mechanical fabricants, Sil's followers the Clockwork Apostles, dozens of humanoid citizens and android workers known as factotums. The whole place feels like a steampunk engineer's dream with every aspect working by a clock's tick.
It is one of the most lore-rich locations in the game and one of the most previously unseen—with its relevance expanding throughout all four eras.

4. Orsinium

Orsinium, capital city of the orcs, and also the most sack-able city in existence. Orsinium has been sieged and rebuilt more times than any orc would care to admit. By the time the events of Online took place, the city had been razed to the ground at least twice. The current location of this city is in the Wrothgar mountains, just beyond the province of High Rock, close to where it first was built. It serves as a hub of orcish culture that has rarely been seen otherwise and most likely won't be seen again.

5. The Roots of the Elden Tree

The Elden Tree is located in the center of Grahtwood and Elden Root, the city, makes its home inside the massive graht-oak's base. The tree, itself, is thought to have seeded all of Valenwood and the founding of the city is considered the beginning point of the First Era.
At a certain point, it is possible to step up onto its roots and maneuver yourself a certain distance up its trunk. You'll find some massive toadstools growing out of the side—which make for particularly nice resting spots.

Hopefully, the next time you log-in to your game, you'll have the chance to place your digital boots on some of these hallowed grounds.