5 Best Plays from the Call of Duty League Season

The Call of Duty League playoffs start Aug. 19.
The Call of Duty League playoffs start Aug. 19. / Photo by Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League has seen its fair share of astonishing and breathtaking plays during its inaugural season.

Fans knew from the get-go which rosters were straight highlight-reel material and which would deliver must-watch action. Teams like the Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, and Dallas Empire were pegged as preseason favorites to be the best in the game and each of the three now stand a good shot at winning the league championship.

Let’s look back at the five best players from the inaugural Call of Duty League season.

5 Best Plays from the Call of Duty League Season

5. Methodz Goes Huge for Toronto Ultra to Defend Home Turf

Toronto Ultra struggled mightily early on in the season, but the team’s turn around has been nothing short of remarkable. Anthony “Methodz” Zinni showed how dangerous his team can be when firing on all cylinders when Toronto defeated Atlanta to win its home series on the final day of the regular season. Methodz pulled off a ninja defuse in Round Five and a vital Round 11 1v2 to not only defend home turf, but also secure an upper bracket seed for playoffs.

4. Octane’s 1-vs-4 Against OpTic Gaming

The Seattle Surge had a difficult season finishing in 11th place with a 5-16 overall series record. One shining light for the team has been Sam “Octane” Larew. This assault rifle player continues to prove just how talented he is every time he plays.

During the London Home Series, Octane pulled off a 1v4 clutch against the new look OpTic Gaming in Search and Destroy on St. Petrograd. He got the first three kills with the M4A1 and then pulled out his knife to kill the final enemy before defusing the bomb.

Seattle starts the 2020 Playoffs in the Elimination Bracket against the Paris Legion.

3. Temp’s 1-vs-4 During the Florida Home Series

There’s just something about 1-vs-4 clutches and St. Petrograd S&D this season.

Donovan “Temp” Laroda even did it before Octane, when the New York Subliners faced off against the Minnesota Røkkr in the Florida Home Series. Temp took down four members of Minnesota to win the round en route to a 3-0 sweep.

2. Chicago Huntsmen Pull Off a Full Sail

One of the most iconic moments in Call of Duty esports history is the Full Sail comeback.

If you’re new to Call of Duty, you might ask yourself: “What’s a Full Sail? Isn’t that a college?” Well yes, but it’s also a memorable comeback in Call of Duty history. A Full Sail is when a team is down 0-5 and pulls off a comeback to win a map 6-5.

The Chicago Huntsmen did it during the Dallas Home Series, when they won six rounds in a row against Minnesota on St. Petrograd S&D.

It must’ve felt nice for Chicago’s Seth “Scump” Abner who was on the wrong side of the first Full Sail to get one under his belt.

1. Simp Breaks the Hardpoint Kill Record Twice in the Same Day

Atlanta FaZe’s Chris “Simp” Lehr is an MVP favorite and league superstar. The man is a machine in every game mode, with any weapon, and should never be underestimated.

Showing just how good he is with an MP5 in Hardpoint, Simp broke the Hardpoint kill record against the London Royal Ravens on Azhir Cave with 49 kills. He wasn’t done there. On the very same day, he broke his own record on the same map against the Seattle Surge with 50 kills. He also had fewer deaths in a shorter game the second time around.

The CDL Playoffs begin Aug. 19, with $4.6M on the line. Tune in at YouTube.com/CODLeague.

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