5 Best PROJECT Skins in League of Legends

Project Jhin, Vayne, and Vi
Project Jhin, Vayne, and Vi / courtesy of Riot Games

The PROJECT skin line has now become one of the oldest, yet loved series in League of Legends, and here are the five best skins out of all.

Along with the Star Guardians, Battle Academia, and the Spirit Blossoms, the PROJECT skin line has a solid story line parallel to the main lore of League of Legends. Fans of the game have enjoyed the cinematics as well as the skins themselves.

On Tuesday, Riot Games announced the new additions to the universe. People have been hoping that unlike the PROJECT skins from 2019, these will bring more flavor to the skin's lore. Celebrating the new skins coming out, let us explore the top five PROJECT skins from League of Legends.

1. PROJECT Sejuani

Project Sejuani
Project Sejuani / courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends fans surprised because they were not expecting to see Sejuani in the PROJECT lore, and they were double surprised to see how good it was. The Ice queen has not been given a decent skin ever since the Poro Snack skin and people are pleased with the mechanized duo. More information about Project Sejuani can be found in this article.


Project Ashe
Project Ashe / courtesy of Riot Games

Although Ashe has been blessed by Riot with a great number of skins, many Ashe players say that Project Ashe is still the best one. There even is a meme in Korea to not play Ashe if you don't have the Project skin! The character model may be outdated compared to the newer ones, but the VFXs and auto attack feels just too good to not use.

3. PROJECT Vayne

Project Vayne
Project Vayne / courtesy of Riot Games

The project skin line was Vayne's first Legacy skin she ever got. As a 1,850 RP skin, the special screen effect when she uses R and the motorcycle are the new key features, not to mention the b-boy head dancing. The auto attack is crucial for ADCs and believe it or not the feeling varies from skin to skin. Above we mentioned Ashe and the same applies for Vayne as well- Vayne players have been giving positive feedback about the auto attack for this skin as well.

4. PROJECT Renekton

Project Renekton
Project Renekton / courtesy of Riot Games

Project Renekton is also one of the new additions to the PROJECT skinline in 2021. The most interesting fact about this skin is that Renekton's face is revelaed. The helmet automatically comes off when an enemy is nearby, showing his pale, human face. Other than this, Renekton users have been expressing how the VFXs are extremely satisfying, especially for his Q. More information about Project Renekton can be found in this article.

5. PROJECT Irelia

Project Irelia
Project Irelia / courtesy of Riot Games

Irelia has many skins but Project Irelia is one of her most distinct skins from the others. The skill VFXs and auto attacks are clearly different from her other skins. Project Irelia has not been actively praised as a skin, but it seems to be the most commonly used skin for Irelia now. One notable fact is that Project Irelia has been made into a statue merchandise by Riot Games.