5 Best PUBG Skins Ever Made

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players, alongside pretty much the rest of the gaming world, can't wait for new cosmetic releases.

Cosmetics, everything from customizing weapons to skins for your players, have become one of the biggest driving factors behind a game's success. As is apparent in battle royale titles like PUBG.

Here are the five best PUBG cosmetic skins ever made.

5 Best PUBG Skins Ever Made


What's better than a bandana named after the game's creator? It's iconic and instills fear in the eyes of many players. It takes something special to make a skin have that feeling.

4. Military Jacket (Black)

The Military Jacket is by far one of the top skin choices. The details, including the badges on the left side, give it a flair that other skins just don't provide.

3. Cloth Mask (Leopard)

The leopard Cloth Mask is a fantastic choice to put on your character. It adds a bit of pizzazz to character's battling to be the last one standing.

2. Red Hi-Top Trainers

The Red Hi-Top Trainers are by far the best shoes skin in the game. They're flashy, they pop on a character's outfit, and they catch the eyes of one's opponents. More trainers in the future please, PUBG Corp.


What tops a bad ass trenchcoat named after the game's creator? Nothing, that's what. Not only is it one of the most expensive skins in the game, it's also one of the most sought after.

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp/Steam