5 Best PUBG Xbox Content Creators

PUBG Xbox might be the little brother of its PC counterpart, but there are some awesome content creators on different platforms for fans.

Sure, PUBG PC has the likes of DrDisRespect, TSM Viss, shroud and many more, but that doesn't mean there aren't Xbox content creators worth watching. There are entertaining, skilled and informative streamers and YouTubers on the platform worth checking out.

Here are the five best PUBG Xbox content creators, in no particular order.

5 Best PUBG Xbox Content Creators

5. WackyJacky101

Yes, WackyJacky101 is technically a PC-focused content creator, but that doesn't mean his channel can't be found useful for Xbox players. One of the most in-depth YouTubers in the scene, WackyJacky101's videos provide great context and insight to the game.

4. ATV CrashDummies

Looking for some important tips on how to improve as a PUBG Xbox player, check out ATV CrashDummies' YouTube channel.


High kill games, hilarious clips and more are at the forefront of III MILITIA III's channel. Give it a look as he also streams on Mixer and Twitch.

2. The Beard Guys

The Beard Guys' YouTube channel is worth a dive into considering the amount of content uploaded from their Twitch stream. There's also other content such as Battlefield V Firestorm for those interested.

1. The Average Sniper

If you're looking for some high quality kills and gameplay, look no further than The Average Sniper's YouTube channel. Flashy kills, quality commentary and more make his channel one to check out.