5 Best Shotguns in Fortnite History

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Shotguns are always being added, but we have a guide for the best five shotguns in Fortnite history. The shotgun is easily the best close-range weapon on Fortnite, but many have been wondering which ones were the best. As seasons go on, it seems like they are always getting nerfed because they are too powerful.

Here’s the top five shotguns in Fortnite history.

1. Pump Shotgun

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Let’s be honest, if you have ever found a pump in a chest you knew you were about to get some kills. This is a deadly shotgun and a headshot will likely kill an opponent unless they have full health and shied. This is easily the best shotgun ever!

2. Tactical Shotgun

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The tactical shotgun is also a very deadly weapon. This one is superior because it does almost as much damage as the pump, but it has a much better fire rate. This means you can get two shots off by the time it takes the pump to get one off.

3. Drum Shotgun

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The drum shotgun has been vaulted and for good reasons. It has the highest fire rate of all shotguns and is an absolute beast. It has a combination of both speed and power and can take enemies out left and right.

4. Combat Shotgun

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

This shotgun was an extremely powerful weapon for the short time that it was here. One of the best features of this shotgun was its range. It had one of the best ranges on any shotgun ever, and when up close it could take opponents out with ease.

5. Heavy Shotgun

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Similar to the blue pump, when gamers saw the heavy shotgun pop out of their chest they knew they were going to get kills. While this fun wasn’t around for long, it surely made a name for itself. It had a low fire rate, but that doesn’t matter when you could kill opponents with one headshot.

Fortnite has had its fair share of both good and bad shotguns. However, the ones that were good were very good. Hopefully one of the new primal shotguns will make this list next time!