5 Best Skins in Among Us

Photo by Innersloth

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve spent dozens of hours playing Among Us trying to accomplish tasks, uncover imposters or kill unsuspecting crewmates. And while there is an ever-increasing amount of strategy that is being developed daily in the game, there is one area that has been sorely neglected: skins.

A skin can make all the difference. Looking cute, cool, or scary can lead your crew mates down the road of trusting you, or voting you out. So here’s a list of five best Among Us skins, that will certainly give you the psychological advantage you need, at least we hope.

1. Captain

Ahoy! / Photo Courtesy of Innersloth Games

This outfit will put you at the forefront of every discussion. As the captain you will have control over the ship and people will absolutely listen to you. Captains demand respect, and this is important in making your crewmates trust you. When you put this skin on make sure you are aggressive and forthright, make sure the other players know that you’re in charge. One possible danger of this skin is that, if you’re a crewmate, then the imposter might single you out as the leader and make sure you never truly have a chance to lead.

2. Ninja Mask

It may say defeat but Ninjas always win
It may say defeat but Ninjas always win / Photo Courtesy of "What if Universe's Extended Universe" on Youtube

This hat, paired with an appropriate outfit, is the best way sneak around the map. You’re a ninja, so nobody will see you. Makes sense right? Sadly if you get stuck as a crewmate then your sneaking skills might come back to bite you in the butt. Your teammates may not listen to you because they can’t see you! It’s a cruel fate, but if you manage to be an imposter while wearing this mask then it is a certain victory.

3. Plague Doctor Mask with Doctor Outfit

I think this image captures how scary the mask can be
I think this image captures how scary the mask can be / Photo Courtesy of BaronVonGames on Youtube

This outfit, only when the two are paired together, creates a fearsome crewmate who nobody will want to mess with. The Plague Doctor Mask says “Don’t mess with me, I’m spooky.” While the Doctor Outfit says “I’m here to help!” Enemies and friends alike will be confused by your fashion choices, but victory is certain, if you can find out who the imposter is. And if you’re the imposter, then good luck, because everyone suspects the person in the plague doctor mask first.

4. Santa Hat with Winter Suit

You can also be creative and just go full Christmas
You can also be creative and just go full Christmas / Photo Courtesy of "Charizard Freak" on Youtube

This one is only recommended on Polus, just to keep you warm. In the next few months wearing this outfit will get everyone on your good side. The crewmates will think you’re there to deliver presents! And if that present is a knife in the back then all the better!

5. Mohawk with Mini Crewmate

This is what an ideal world would look like
This is what an ideal world would look like / Photo Courtesy of User "Error" on Youtube

Let’s be honest. Any outfit with the Mini Crewmate is de facto the best outfit. When you’re running around the map it looks like you have your younger sibling following you around and you’re going through a goth phase, your little sibling crewmate desperately trying to be like you. This outfit gives no tactical advantage, but it is eminently relatable to anyone in your game, giving empathy points. The only thing that could make this better is if you could give your mini crewmate a mohawk too.