5 Best Supports for Smolder in League of Legends

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5 Best Supports to Pair With Smolder

  1. 5. Rell
  2. 4. Zyra
  3. 3. Nami
  4. 2. Braum
  5. 1. Senna

Smolder will be the first League of Legends champion release of 2024 and players are already preparing how to master the new AD carry coming to the bot lane.

Smolder received a ton of hype upon announcement given his art style, abilities and potential meta impact. The champion will likely be played in the bot lane as an AD marksman/carry, though players will likely try to fit the champion into solo lane roles as best as possible. Still, a new champion alongside the changes to item systems and terrain will make bot lane chaotic as players discover the best way to climb this season.

Smolder is currently available on PBE, but if you're a support main preparing to lane with the new champion, here are the five best supports that'll likely synergize well with the fiery dragon.

5. Rell

Rell has been a popular support/jungle flex for quite some time in League of Legends. The engage support provides great crowd control and the ability to steal armor and magic resist. While most hard CC champions like Leona, Blitzcrank and others will be solid options, Rell should be a great pick alongside the new champion.

4. Zyra

AP mage supports in poke lanes into the right opposition can immediately tilt the early game into a team's favor. Zyra stands out compared to Lux considering how popular she currently is in Emerald+ ranks. She's currently considered S tier with a 51.% win rate. Smolder will benefit from the zoning Zyra provides thanks to her plants.

3. Nami

Nami/Lucian was long considered one of the best early game lane bully combos in League, but perhaps Nami/Smolder is the next great duo bot lane. Nami provides an auto attack steroid with solid healing for great poke and sustain, plus her Q allows Smolder to get down any necessary damage.

2. Braum

Braum is currently considered A tier in Emerald+ ranks because he provides great CC and frontline support for his lane partner. He's also powerful against poke compositions and great when junglers try to gank.

1. Senna

Smolder, like Senna, will scale throughout the game thanks to his passive. Senna already proves to be one of the strongest bot lane supports (see Senna/Tahm Kench bot lanes). Smolder's Passive, Dragon Practice, will improve his abilities including Super Scorcher Breath evolving based on the number of stacks. Senna obviously scales by collecting souls from minions, so expect this to be one of the most popular scaling lanes in the game.