5 Best Supports in League of Legends Patch 10.3

Braum is one of the best supports on Patch 10.3, but what other champions can break bot lane?
Braum is one of the best supports on Patch 10.3, but what other champions can break bot lane? / Riot Games

Support players have one of the toughest jobs in League of Legends, but it can be a lot easier if you pick the right champion in the bot lane. Here are the five best supports in League of Legends Patch 10.3.

1. Leona

Although Leona is receiving a few nerfs on Patch 10.3, that won't be enough to stop her from dominating the bot lane as she has for the past two patches.

The nerfs only deal with the late game damage she deals from Eclipse (W) and Zenith Blade (E), which means she still has a strong kit with consistent engage potential and crowd control. Most lane partners give her kill threat as early as level 2 and rushing mobility boots allows her to use Solar Flare (R) in the mid lane to help her teammates get ahead.

2. Braum

Braum's kit works incredibly well against champions that are popular in the current meta, such as Miss Fortune, LeBlanc, Zoe, and Ezreal. His ability to prevent large amounts of damage from landing on his team's carries with Unbreakable (E) and start fights with Glacial Fissure (R) make him a versatile support that can adapt to any situation.

Recent buffs to Ezreal make him an even more attractive support since Ezreal is able to stack Concussive Blows (Passive) even quicker on most targets, giving them almost unrivaled kill pressure in lane.

3. Thresh

Thresh is a champion that requires significant skill to play well, but can be one of the best supports in bottom lane if his kit is utilized to its fullest potential. Thresh can create easy picks for his team with Death Sentence (Q) and Flay (E), but can also peel for his AD carry using Dark Passage (W) and Flay (E).

Thresh can work well with most AD carries and into most opposing lane match ups. His slightly ranged auto attack allows him to use a melee tank support item with ease and keeps him healthy during the laning phase against mage supports.

4. Nautilus

Nautilus is a strong support because his kit has the ability to set up great team fights while staying relatively safe during the lane phase. He can use Dredge Line (Q) either offensively to get a kill for his AD carry or use it defensively to escape a gank.

He can get the Aftershock rune by simply auto attacking an enemy champion, making him tanky in all stages of the game. When combined with the shield he gets from Titan's Wrath and the increased health from Gargoyle's Stoneplate, he can become almost impossible to kill for the opposing team.

5. Alistar

Alistar, like Thresh, requires a high level of mechanical skill in order to be played well. For example, knowing how to use his Headbutt (W) - Pulverize (Q) combo in lane is something that takes time and effort and to learn. But, once those skills are gained, Alistar becomes a great initiator and can gain bot lane priority with ease.

Alistar's Triumphant Roar also gives great sustain to his duo partner, especially considering that the healing from melee tank support items was removed at the start of Season 10. This allows him to fair well into most match ups and survive into the mid to late game where he has the most impact on the rift.