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5 Best Supports of League of Legends Patch 11.10

League of Legends: Lulu
League of Legends: Lulu / Courtesy of Riot Games

In League of Legends Patch 11.10 we see one support in particular rise ahead of the rest of the pack. The Moonstone Renewer buff in the last patch was a big change in the support role and we'll see that come into full effect for Patch 11.10

5 Best Supports of League of Legends Patch 11.10


With the Moonstone Renewer buff Lulu is now without any doubt the best support in the game. She can use just about all of her abilities to grant her teammates bonus movement speed which will allow them to close the gap on enemies easily. If you haven't used Lulu yet as a support you're missing out.


Morgana is just as scary in the bot lane as she is in the jungle. She can easily pin down enemies and deals enough damage to make her a threat.


Sona is the perfect support combo in any bot lane. She can heal, speed up her teammates, and deal damage. In 11.9 she had the highest win rate amongst all supports and thanks to the Moonstone Renewer buff it'll be going even higher in 11.10.


If you want a tank support Alistar is your way to go. It'll be extremely hard to bully this champion out of lane and he'll be able to absorb all the damage for his duo while the carry decimates your health bar. He has one of the best support ultimates in the game and boasts the highest pick rate in pro play.


Lux will be one of the most picked supports going into 11.10. She already has the highest pick rate amongst all supports but to make it even better she also has one of the highest win rates to match. Lux's shield utility is invaluable and her ability to deal damage puts her at the top of the pack.